10 Tips To Improve Your Website Design in [2022]

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You may unknowingly be losing business opportunities because of your website. Among so many websites that currently exist, only some manage to stand out above the rest. There are many factors that influence when it comes to improving your website and getting a good positioning thanks to web design. Sometimes, with a few simple changes, we get great results. Therefore, today, we detail 10 tips to improve your website and attract more visits.

1. Fast loading time

The loading time is directly related to the time of permanence of the users. If a website takes a long time to load its content, the user may despair and run away from our website. We must control the loading time of our home page and of all our internal pages. The user can reach our website from any of them.

2. Responsive web design

Today, websites that do not adapt their content to mobile devices do not make much sense. Most of the current traffic on the internet comes from smartphones or tablets. Therefore, a good user experience from these devices is essential, for ranking at the top of search results.

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3. Have a great home page

The front page is the most important page on the web. Define the design and characteristics of the rest. You have to take care of all aspects: Structure, design, color, content, SEO … It is the page that will receive the most visits. Therefore, the one with the highest authority. It must link to the rest of the internal pages of the website.

4. Easy for visitors to navigate

Users who visit us must be able to find what they are looking for without much difficulty. The information must be clear, without overloading the menu items. If a user is lost on our website, we will also lose it.

5. Well thought UI and UX design

A web design with many elements loads the user’s view and overwhelms your visitors. The only thing that chaos will achieve is to scare the visitor away. A minimalist design with the strictly necessary visual information will improve the user experience.

Web Design Illustration
Web Design Illustration

6. Color balance

We will use a balanced color combination that provokes in the user the sensations we are looking for. Depending on the theme of the web, the range of colors will be different.

7. Font size

The letter must be easy to read for any user and adaptable to different devices. The font must also be carefully chosen so that it can be visible on any screen size.

8. Local SEO

YYou have to think about Local SEO when designing the web, the content and the source code have to be optimized but without going overboard. Google’s algorithms change periodically, so you have to constantly work on SEO.

9. Create Original and quality web content

You must offer relevant and quality content for our audience. Avoid copies to avoid damaging your positioning and avoid over-optimizing your content. The use of images or video is a great idea. Users show more interest in audio/visual content.

10. Have a Clear Call to Action

Vital if what you want to sell. It is recommended that each internal page have its own call to action. Of course.  The message must be clear and attract the attention of the potential client to achieve conversion.

It is very easy to have your own website, but not very easy much to get results with it. Follow these recommendations, and you will be rewarded with better higher rankings in search results and greater traffic from your target audience. Tell us what you do to improve your website and help us expand the list of tips.

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