How To Rank Higher In Local Search Engine Rankings

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We all struggle with one very common, unavoidable obstacle – competitors’ local search engine rankings. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and as a local business, it’s crucial to be the biggest dog in town. Going up against companies that have auto-generated local listings. Specifically, businesses that have been in the local SEO game for years will be tough to beat

Focus In On Local Keywords

The best way to rank in search is to focus on local keywords that best describe your business. If you’re a local dog groomer in Buffalo then your keywords need to relate to that. Your keywords could be, “dogs,” “dog grooming,” “dog groomer,” or “local dog grooming.” For your eCommerce site, think of keywords that are relevant to the products you’re offering. If you’re selling clothing for toddlers, you may want to consider using keywords related to that niche. Keywords like “clothing,” “toddler,” or “toddler clothes” need to be included in your entire site (including your landing pages and keywords). The keywords should be uniquely tailored to your specific local market. Knowing your target customers are searching is key. Also, take note when you’re trying to rank for your own terms. It’s important that your content helps to build those terms in the search engines.

Create Content Based on Local News Stories or Events

Local news is a hot topic these days and the local SEO’s are very much involved in this. The one big challenge with it is most of the news has already been reported. There are a few exceptions like breaking news. Thus, unless your local business is adding new stories constantly, you should avoid solely focusing on what’s been reported. Instead, focus on what’s being said about your business. Ask yourself how it can benefit the people who live within the community. Make a list of hot topics. Yes, your competitors are posting all over the web and on social media. But if your local business and the local community is talking about it, you should be getting a lot of traffic.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Social media is not just the land of cute puppy pictures and misleading articles; it is also a tremendous resource for local businesses to reach a massive local customer base. A study conducted by KPCB found that nearly 25% of adult consumers engage with local search for businesses on social media before doing so on a company website. As a local business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your brand is visible to the best customers. Make sure you are active on the platforms where your consumers spend their time online: Facebook: Posts are shared with over 750 million active users and gain an average of 1.3 million views each day. Posts are shared with over 750 million active users and gain an average of 1.3 million views each day.

Get Listed On Google My Business

Do some quick research and determine which areas you want to get your listings and businesses listed in. Once you have the basic areas nailed down, you should be able to obtain a fast accurate Google My Business listing.

1. Claim or Create Your Google Business Listing. Google may have already created a local business listing from data they gather on their side, but you still have to claim that listing. This is something many local businesses aren’t aware of but is very crucial for local businesses. You should have at least one valid owner sign on your business in your local listings, even if it’s just for advertising purposes.

2. Select The Correct Local Keyword Now that you have your business listing, it’s time to find the right keywords to use in your local search. Make a list of some of the most popular local keywords related to your business.

Webinars, eBooks, whitepapers, apps, and other related content are essential for the success of your eCommerce business. Finding ways to attract a large audience is an uphill battle. However, if you are prepared to put in the work and provide solutions that the consumers are looking for, you can stand out above the competition and earn more revenue from your products. One way to help is to engage with other local business owners. Ask for their feedback and download their apps, whitepapers, and widgets. This should help to boost your visibility in the local search engine rankings. To boost your local SEO efforts and build up your SEO authority, consider acquiring a local business partner and/or a local business partner.


Wherever you are in the local SEO space, it’s important to remember that SEO is not an overnight process. Sometimes, it can take months or even years to have a good grasp on the local SEO process and it’s important to have a long-term strategy in place to stay ahead of your competition.

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