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We are a local search engine optimization agency that has an outstanding track record for improving contractors' SEO strategies and ranking businesses since 2016. Providing local SEO experts at your fingertips, we strive to be the best at providing affordable local SEO strategies for small and medium contractors, customizing each campaign for your needs.


How Can Contractors Benefit From Local SEO?

Are you having trouble attracting substantial amounts of potential clients and establishing your company as the best contractor to choose in your area?

A highly professional, top-notch strategy for local SEO  could be exactly what you need.

Here's what you can expect when you choose to work with Marketing Disty:

Increased Visibility

You will recognize a large improvement in your website’s overall visibility. Your business will show up in local searches more frequently, such as “contractors near me” and reach the customers who are actively searching for the services you offer in real-time.

Higher revenue

Local Search Engine Optimization (LOCAL SEO) will drive new business for contractors. Ultimately, of an increase in exposure, phone calls, and leads, contractors can expect to see a positive impact on ROI.

Increase Qualified Leads

You’ll start noticing a substantial increase in quality leads from potential clients. On average, our contractors are seeing a 59% increase in contact submissions and quote requests.

Rank Above Local Competitors

You will rank begin appearing in Google's ‘Local Pack’ where 45% of local customers click when they are searching for contractors. You’ll see an increase in targeted visitors to your company's website and on average of a 55% increase in calls typically in less than 5 months.

What is Local SEO for Contractors?

Local Search engine optimization (Local SEO)  is a type of search engine optimization (SEO) that focuses on ranking your site higher in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. It's all about elevating your website position in local search results so you're more visible to potential clients in your area. Many people confuse local SEO with national or global SEO, but each respectively has very different goals and methods. Local SEO or local search engine optimization is the continued process of optimizing a website to appear in the local search results of a particular location. This includes optimizing keywords, creation of content, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and building backlinks to relevant high authority websites to rank higher in the search engine result pages for customers who are searching for contractors' services in your area. 


Why Is SEO For Contractors Important?

Construction Industry Facts and Figures

    1. Construction spending in the United States topped $1.29 trillion in 2018. [Statista]

    2. Global construction costs are expected to rise 4.3% on average. [Turner & Townsend]

    3. At $992 billion dollars, 77% of construction spending occurred in the private sector in 2018. [Statista]

    4. In 2017, construction accounted for 7% of the total U.S. GDP. [FMI]

    5. Single-family residential construction is estimated at $282 billion, up 4% from 2017. [FMI]

    6. Multi-family residential construction rose by 1% last year, with $67 billion in estimated value. [FMI]

    7. Commercial construction was $89 billion in 2018, up 2% from the previous year. [FMI]

    8. Home improvement spending increased by 5% in 2018. [FMI]

    9. 56% of contractors registered their projects with the U.S. Green Building Council (USBGC) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) over the past three years. [USCC]

    10. Construction for the manufacturing sector decreased by 2% in 2018. [FMI]


Why Invest in SEO Versus PPC?

Think of it like this:

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing sounds fantastic, right? You set your budget and pay to see measurable results.
While this is true, PPC takes a large amount of time and energy for temporary results.

Not to mention that PPC can be extremely expensive — you can expect to pay anywhere between $10-50 per click
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), on the other hand,
requires an investment of time, but that investment pays itself
off in the years to come by yielding long-term results.

Contractors SEO: Optimize Your Local SEO
To Bring In New Customers

Local SEO and Google My Business

What is the correlation between local SEO and Google My Business?

Local SEO content creation increases your business's local online presence by targeting contractor-related keywords woven into the content. What this means is anytime a potential customer makes a search for “contractors in [your city]" or “contractors near me,” a local SEO strategy helps your company rank highly in local search results.

An important factor in establishing an effective local SEO strategy is creating or claiming a Google My Business page — and then integrating your GMB profile into your business's website.

Why does this matter? Here’s why this matters:

Your Google My Business page provides potential customers valuable information including details such as:

Your phone number, address, and website
Showcases your customer reviews
Your office hours
Types of services your business offers

The ultimate goal of optimizing your GMB page is so that your website ranks in the “Google Local 3 Pack,” meaning that your business appears on the 1st page of results when potential customers perform a  search for a local contractor.

You can think of the Google Local 3 Pack as a prime property listing on the internet for your contracting company.

Local SEO Services With the Essentials to Make Contractors More Visible and Relevant Locally


Local SEO Audit

For every local search engine optimization campaign (SEO), we include a comprehensive website SEO audit checking indexed pages, if penalties exist, and a lot more. Get your comprehensive report with deep insights from local SEO experts.

Keyword Research

Determining the keywords you should target for boosting your business's local visibility? We do the research and recommend the absolute top keywords to rank contractors on Google local search.

Develop Citations And Links

Local Citations and Listings for contractors. We can offer complete reassurance that you're visible on sites where customers are landing. Facebook pages, maps, review sites are all link sources. Contractors can focus on their business and leave it to us to manage

Organic Links

Our local SEO marketing service features potent organic links that reach target customers in your local area. Ideal for contractors that generate most of their revenue from local customers.

Content Creation

Blog posts, cornerstone content, press releases, and the works. Contractors' SEO services demand well-researched, quality content to attract local customers contractors need.

On-Page Optimization

On-site improvements from our in-house local SEO services agency experts including optimization of up to 30 pages. Tag and header optimizations, URL rewrites, Images, Meta Data, Schema, Sitemaps & more.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Did you know that Google spiders continually crawl your website to determine exactly how much value your website offers to potential customers looking for contractors?

As Google crawls and evaluates your site, it also looks at the technical aspects of your site, looking at things such as:

✔  That your URL structure makes sense
✔  If your title tags and meta descriptions provide visitors accurate information
✔  Confirms your headers include key topics
✔  If the keywords you’re using are relevant to your key topics
✔  Website authority through valuable external backlinks

Our team of Local SEO experts can create a Local SEO strategy for contractors that puts you directly in front of potential clients. We will evaluate your current website setup and make 100% sure that your site’s on-page SEO is optimized to its highest potential.

Website Content Development

Google, as well as other major search engines, regularly evaluate your website to see how much value it offers its users.

If your website isn’t capturing the attention of readers, your content marketing strategy will not stand a chance of ranking higher against competing contractors who've invested in high-quality content.

So what are search engines' expectations when they evaluate the content on a contractor's website?

A website's blog or other additional content covering questions such as:

local seo license contractor  Should I Use a Licensed Contractor?
local seo subcontractors  Do the Contractor Use Subcontractors?
local seo contractors best paractices  What Best Practices in Contractors Industry?

Following a content release calendar, in addition to consistently producing, high-quality local SEO-focused content requires a considerable investment of time most contractors just don’t have.

This is where our team of SEO expert content creators really shines. We will create the content for you so you can focus on growing your contracting business.

Optimal User Experience

How many times have you found yourself on a website only to leave immediately because it lacked relevant content, took an extremely long time to load, or was hard to navigate?

Poor user experience (UX) not only encourages visitors to leave and click on another site it has a real-world cost impact.

The statistics below illustrate the actual cost of poor user experience:

  • Companies lose $62 billion every year due to poor customer service. 
  • 70% of customers abandon purchases because of bad user experience. 
  • 67% of customers claim unpleasant experiences as a reason for churn.
  • 91% of non-complainers just leave and 13% of them tell 15 more people about their bad experience.
  • Slow-loading websites cost retailers more than $2B in lost sales each year.
  • 62% of customers say they share bad experiences with others.
  • 79% of people who don't like what they find on 1 site, will go search for another site

To engage and pique interest, a contractor's website needs to:

local seo contractors best paractices  Be designed to be mobile-friendly
local seo contractors best paractices  Have easy-to-use navigation menus
local seo contractors best paractices  Have a simple, easy to use contact form
local seo contractors best paractices  Optimize sites speed and no slow-loading pages
local seo contractors best paractices  Remove or fix any 404 errors — (missing pages or redirects)

Marketing Disty Contractors SEO Services

At Marketing Disty, our experts are amazing at developing a solid local SEO strategy for contractors.

Our team utilizes proven rank-building initiatives allowing contractors to improve their online visibility and appear on the first page of local search results.


Our Search Engine Optimization services include:

local seo contractors best paractices  Website SEO and Performance Audits
local seo contractors best paractices  On-page SEO and Off-page SEO Optimization
local seo contractors best paractices Google My Business Page Setup and Website Integration
local seo contractors best paractices  Researching the Best Contractor SEO keywords
local seo contractors best paractices  High-Quality Content Creation — blogs, landing pages, etc.
local seo contractors best paractices  Detailed Lead Tracking and Comprehensive Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is an outlook of customers concern about how our services can bring ease to their site ranking:

Can SEO For Contractors Help Find New Clients?

Yes, it is one of our top priorities to provide Local contractors with organic traffic.

We ensure to access highly researched keywords for SEO contractors and create content with a friendly user experience.
So, through SEO, you attract the targeted audience and boost your site visibility in search results.

How Much Does SEO For Contractors Cost?

The cost formula for Contractor SEO runs on various aspects, from accessing your website to receiving the desired improvements.

Therefore, the cost plan varies looking on the budget plan of our client and the desired results.
An investment in SEO practice yields greater ROI as compared to other marketing strategies.  

How Long Will We Need To Maintain an Investment In SEO?

Investment in SEO practice for Contractors works wholly on the services you want to enhance.
It brings calculated planning in the form of a simplified process. To conqueror the search engine results ranking,
your website needs an update and valuable content over time.

Our SEO team looking at the above facts, keeps your website working for increased rankings,
more organic leads, and an engaging audience. This strategy is not just for a couple of months but lets you stay in the local and national competition in the long run.

Do Contractors Need Supplemental Content (Like A Blog) On Their Website?

To outrank the local competitors, you need to add value and insight to the services you provide. To this point, the supplement content comes in good practice. It not only aids in providing ideal information to potential clients but shares a detailed view of contractors’ serviceable approach.

Can You Help A Contractor With Multiple Locations?

SEO practice for contractors shares a wide range of services for its local and national clients. Our SEO specialist and team members work on the insight of Google My Business by creating landing pages as per your locations.

Yes, Link signals are one of the leading aspects of Contractor SEO practice. It involves high authority inbound and outbound back-links
that enhance site visibility for local and national SEO. Our Services specially design multiple links, so you get the highest ranking in search engine results.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

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