The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Pay Per Click Advertising Platforms

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In The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Pay Per Click Advertising Platforms. We are going to dive right into multiple topics and platforms in The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Pay Per Click Advertising Platforms and address each one accordingly, beginning with Facebook.

Facebook Begins And Choosing Pay Per Click Advertising Will Never Be The Same

Remember when a social networking site was the conference center where you endured endless facts and figures with fellow colleagues or it was the corner café for a drink with coworkers after five? Enter technology and the 2000’s. Social networking sites are now online. With just a click sites are accessible in the comfort of your own home, at the office and coffee shops. Wherever there’s a wifi connection, there’s a to socially interact. Basically a social networking sites are designed to connect people with other people: family, friends, co-workers, etc. One site that has been become more popular today than body glitter in the ‘90’s is Facebook.

This is a free site anyone can join. Begin by setting up your account and creating a profile. A profile is just that. You create your profile some info that you want people to know. You can download a profile picture that stays on “your page”. If you opt out of downloading a picture an icon appears instead.

Once on Facebook you can begin searching for people and asking them to be your “friend”. You’ll quickly get over the initial “this is so third grade asking people to be your friend.” Realizing the site is one of the coolest tools to use for contacts. You can search not only for people but by interest group as well. With most interest groups you follow them as a “fan”. Once you and someone agree to “be friends or fans” you are able to read each other’s pages.

Pages contain news feed (info on your friend’s newest friends), status updates, posted photos and applications (games). Facebook allows you to comment on a friend’s status update. If you are at a loss for works you can simply click the “like” button letting them know you agree.

How To Use Facebook Advertising To Your Advantage

Pay per click is an advertising method used by various content sites and search engines to marketing websites to users through keyword searches. Every time a user clicks on your like you pay the host company a fee. Unlike most advertising prior to, PPC forces your customer to act prior to your paying any money. If they only view the link or ad without clicking, then you don’t pay.

Using Facebook PPC advertising is one way to improve social media marketing momentum and more effectively promote your product or service to potential customers. PPC programs and their strategic placement help ensure that your advertisement will receive the attention of as many viewers as possible.

Facebook’s easy to use Ads Manager, allows you to get your social ads up and running quickly. Keyword ads target only appropriate Facebook users and help to reel them into checking out your Facebook business page When a someone visits and connects with an individual or business all of their friends see this connection in their news feed. And this is where you can leverage the power of social media marketing.  Engagement leads to more exposure.  More exposure leads to more engagement and they cycle continues to scale up.

Facebook A New Way To Market

Social media marketing is here to stay. It is the new way of communicating for both businesses as well as individuals. With all things, there are fans and there are cynics. However, there is no denying its impact. A crucial tipping point in how the world communicates has been passed. Online social media is now mainstream. Nearly everyone has some method of social media be it Twitter or Facebook. Facebook and Twitter have certainly become the main tools by which small businesses and the upwardly mobile engage the outside world.

From the rise of Facebook a new method of marketing has developed. Social Media Marketing is now one of the primary means of relating new products and services to the world. Social media is perfect for getting the word out. It is fresh, fast and free. Sure, there is some effort to it after all, you have to Tweet or write on your wall several times daily, but it’s free. Let’s say it again. Free.

Facebook allows you to freely contact your friends, family, potential employers and potential customers. You can market yourself or business by establishing an engaging online profile. You have the potential, if you are clever and savvy, to reach out to and influence a wide customer base. Friend people, Write on their walls, Create events that will post to their walls, Comment on someone’s status, Review a movie, play games, Having fun is now work—how awesome is that?

Do It Yourself Advertising With Facebook Pay Per Click

Anyone with a Facebook account can create an advertisement that will be target audiences according to keyword searches applicable to your product or service. Facebook ads provide the opportunity to advertise to a broad or specific demographic, and draw in potential customers through the top of your sales funnel enabling you to grow your business across a community of millions of users. Facebook makes it easy  for beginners to set up ads campaigns with walkthroughs and tutorials the company has created. However, if you are weary about starting a campaign yourself there are plenty of social media marketing agencies that will help you target appropriate keywords and demographics.

Pay per click is such an effective advertising method because you only pay per click, not per view. This is a novel approach compared to a commercial that people cannot immediately and directly interact with. You pay for actions not exposure, or curiosity.

Whether you want to use Facebook to stay in touch, get a new job, or grow your business customer base, Facebook has the capacity to fulfill your needs if you can just learn your way around a few important basics.

How To Make Money From Facebook Instant Articles

The usual PPC methodology employed by Google, Bing and Yahoo does not translate exactly to Facebook. Facebook is unique among social media tools because it is a site for individuals that also allows companies to establish a minority presence on their site using the Pages functionality. It is, however, first and foremost a social community and companies wishing to do any kind of business on Facebook should realize that straight off.

Yes, Facebook does utilize a PPC (paid advertising system) which displays ads on either side of the screen. Facebook was designed, however, to be a method of chatting so marketing and other commercial activity is usually a subset of that. You can build a “promotional presence” on Facebook quite easily. Thinking that you will make a killing using Facebook Instant Articles that way would be a mistake. However, any promotional advantage that a company has on Facebook should come first from its pages and second from advertising, and like all social media the goal is to make them talk to themselves. In other words, don’t purchase PPC ads on Facebook if you don’t also have a page.

The Advantage Of Social Media Pay Per Click In General

The advantage of social media pay per click advertising in general is that the networking aspect to it allows a user to easily target ads at a particular demo-graphic. All advertising methods must utilize the crossmatch approach in order to have their ads in front of a specific set of consumers.

One of the ways how to make money from Facebook Instant Articles is to understand user motivations. Social Media is used for chit chat and users are extremely turned off by direct advertising such as PPCs. This is reasonable considering Facebook is a social platform. If someone is performing a search on Yahoo, Bing or Google they are usually looking for something specific. Such is not the case with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Therefore how you look at social media advertising needs to change. Pay per click advertising on Facebook can be useful, but not as much as producing community driven content and event announcements.

Understanding this is the key to spending your advertising dollars wisely. If you want how to make money from Facebook Instant Articles and see any kind of return on your investment. Then you need to concentrate on both community driven social media content before attempting PPC. One must feed into the next for it to have any monetary impact. Considering that Facebook offers free pages it makes logical sense to utilize them, rather than attempting to meet a pre-existing user demand that comes with keyword based advertising approaches.

However, if you are going to go this approach then be savvy and have both a Facebook page and a PPC that links to your Facebook page. You will find that the more that people you grow as “friends” or “fans” the more free advertising you will get. Not to sway anyone against PPCs on Facebook, but if you are going to use them then use them wisely.

How To Grow FB Business Page

Once upon a time social media sites used to be the Internet’s “food court” where teens congregated to gossip, argue, and meet each other. However, this all changed  once corporations and savvy entrepreneurs realized the power of social networking to accomplish goals that were at one point rele-gated to handshakes and business card swaps..

Growing at a phenomenal rate, Facebook now has over 2.85 billion active users (that is over a 3rd of the world) It is not your teenager’s Facebook, either. Facebook’s latest claim to advertisers is that the 25-and-older demographic is their fastest growing demographic. Facebook also allows individuals to create business pages, in very much like popular local directories like Google My Business and Yelp For Business. Therein lies the bang for the free buck and how to grow your FB business page.

Facebook allows a business to reach out and engage customers. Take your local coffee shop as an example. Creating friends allows the coffee shop to communicate with its existing customers and create a community on the web. No longer an impersonal interaction, you are their friend on the web that places games with them and allows them to leave messages and comments on your “wall”. When a special event like a music night or coffee special comes up, the shop can create an event on their Facebook page, which in turn will their “friends” front pages. The now friendly patrons receive more information about happenings at the shop and will respond as to whether or not they will be in attendance.

Facebook Is Small Businesses Ace-In-The-Hole

It doesn’t get any better than this for small businesses. Facebook is Small Business’ ace-in-the-hole. They can now create dialog with the customer and create the sort of familiarity that creates repeat business. They also have access to people who may not have even heard from them before all because they made a Facebook friend. And with Twitter and Instagram feeding Facebook, this game is is on a whole other level.

So if you are a small business you definitely need to consider creating a Facebook home on the web. It allows you to reach out to new and potential customers, gage reactions to new products and services and potentially cuts out the advertising middle man.

The Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising Program

Facebook like Google, Bing and Yahoo allows you to create a Facebook PPC campaign and design an ad that will be placed according to keywords you have chosen or facebooks automatic ad placement, so that when a user searches on them only those ads will show up. Facebook makes it easy enough for a beginner to set up with its easy walk through and tutorial. However, if you are uneasy about starting a campaign yourself there are companies that will help you select the appropriate keywords and demo-graphics.

Pay per click advertising is an effective Facebook tool to disseminate the appropriate information on your product or service. Like all social media exploits you need to ensure that as one feeds into the other, all “faces” are in synch, utilized, and engaging. So before you begin your Facebook PPC campaign, ensure that your Facebook personal and fan pages are all up to date and enjoyable.

Growing Your Business Using Facebook PPC

Facebook offers small enterprises and businesses a wonderful opportunity to attract new contacts and customers, and network with like businesses and potential partners. It has the ability to assist companies with their interactions, creating a

personal relationship with their existing customers. There are many different ways to utilize Facebook in a business capacity.

What Are The Benefits of Using Social Media For Businesses

Understanding the nature of social media is the key. Social media is, well, social. You will not succeed if you focus only on marketing to your customers. That is a complete turn-off. They key is to build a real relationship. Create friendly, community-driven content and interact with customers on a personal basis and your fan or “busi-ness” page will become a popular community attraction. Everyone wants to feel a part of something. Make them more than a guest, make your customer a member of your online community.

While you’re at it, make sure that you involve all your employees in the process. If you hire college students it is highly likely that they have individual Facebook profiles. Encourage them into promoting your business and inviting their friends to become fans. As they are likely more in the know when in the social media space than traditional marketers, staff can oftentimes be paid to generate posts.

Create a cozy, community atmosphere by creating an exclusive feel. Use Facebook to offer information to customers that also become Facebook fans. For example, provide discounts that can only Facebook fans can utilize. Remember to put the focus on relationship building and the rest will follow. Don’t allow your fan page to become a marketing ploy. Folks see through that. Understand that with all the other fun stuff to do on Facebook if you are nothing but a sales pitch visitors will just leave.

Encourage customer comments and suggestions on your Face-book page. Reply to as many as you have time for. Facebook fans can be your web focus group when trying out services or new products.

How To Use Yahoo For Advertising Instead Of Google

Everyone has heard someone say “Google it” to refer to looking something up on the web, but did you know that it is Yahoo, not Google, that people go to for news? Yahoo is one of the most user-friendly web tools out there. It isn’t just a search engine, it is a customizable start page for all your web trends.

Whether you want to find where and when the next blockbuster movie is playing or check the latest sports scores, you can find it on Yahoo. Yahoo’s search engine is a powerful tool for Internet research. Because users on the net create most information, there is equal amounts of fluff and serious content. Yahoo’s advanced search functionality is based upon Boolean logic. Boolean Logic utilizes the words “and”, “or” and “not” to create logical relationships (aka, “equations”) among your search terms, thus narrowing your search and providing results more according to need. Using Yahoo’s advanced search to filter results will help you find the information you need and weed out a lot of the information that you don’t.

For your convenience Yahoo has created a customizable homepage. You can choose what it is that you want to see when you start your day. Not only will you be able to search from the Yahoo start page, but you can choose whether you also see the news, and from which news source. You can choose to see your daily horoscope, link up to job searches, get up-to-the-minute weather, or even view personals and sports scores at the same time.

Alternative Pay Per Click Adverts

Like Google, Yahoo has a PPC program that will enable you to promote your company’s product or service to millions of web viewers. Yahoo has close to two and a half billion searchers per month. Their media toolkit allows you to choose a particular audience for your ads, and even the time of day you wish your ad to be displayed. Yahoo’s tool provides keyword suggestions and allows you to split test your advert and rotate it. Signing up for Yahoo advertising allows you to promote yourself across all of Yahoo’s content pages and products.

Yahoo’s pay per click advert program uses the keyword methodology employed by Google. You may select keywords related to your service or products that will be used to determine your demographic. You are then responsible for creating a text ad that will promote your business. Yahoos program also allows you to select the maximum amount you wish to pay each time your ad is clicked on.

Like Google analytics programs, Yahoo provides all their customers with reporting tools that show you how well your ad is doing, allowing you to adjust it appropriately to meet your price, and your target demographic. Note: Yahoo provides an estimation tool that shows you what it will cost to implement the pay per click advertising program based off your selected key words.

Yahoo Penalization Vs Google Penalization

Yahoo also manages to accomplish all of this without the Google “taint” or Google backlash. Privacy issues have been less talked about when referencing Yahoo. Yahoo allows its users easy opt-outs for marketing and interest-matched advertising, and they have not yet been involved in any internet privacy scandals, making them a kinder gentler alternative to Google.

Smart Marketing Using Pay Per Click Advertising

Search engines are used for practically everything, from shopping to finding “how to” articles. Most websites are found through using a search engine, however, not all websites get the traffic they need to survive because they do not have the necessary visibility to thrive. One method of creating visibility is through online promotion and marketing.

Smart marketing using pay per click advertising, coupled with savvy social media maneuvers will drive traffic to your website. Pay-per-click allows you to select a list of keywords that can be used to “find” your website by search engines. PPCs are not free, however, and you will pay with every single click that someone allocates your way, but they are an effective jump starter.

Selecting A PPC Program That Fits Your Needs

Most search engines and ad sellers offer flexibility in terms of payment, allowing you to decide the cost that you wish to pay each time a user clicks on the link within your advertisement. Costs are relative to the number of times your ad appears in the result page of the search engine. You have control over the keywords, the ad itself, and the time of day that your ad is posted. By selecting a PPC service you are creating the necessary visibility for your services or products that is necessary and vital to the success of any business.

All search engines have this option. Google, YouTube, and Yahoo are the top three, but there are other providers such as Facebook. Google has been the leader for several years now, allowing PPCs on their site for close to a decade now. Facebook is a multi-million strong community and PPC has been introduced to Facebook, but the results are mixed. A good recommendation is to start slow if you are going the Facebook approach.

Also, remember that sometimes people will click on a link by accident or they may just be browsing. There is no magic bullet to cure all of your company’s ills, but it is an effective tool. You will need to have a nice set aside in your advertising budget when investing in PPC campaigns.

Pay Per Click Advertising Methodology

Pay-per-click advertising has its own methodology and the approach should encourage those businesses and individuals who are professionally-minded and serious about their online advertising, especially when investing in this platform. The more popular the search engine, the higher the cost of a PPC campaign. Therefore, if you are going to launch a PPC campaign on Google you may wish to either do a great deal of research or hire a consultant before dipping your toes in the water of pay per click.

SEO experts abound and there will always be someone willing to provide you with statistical data on keywords, demographics, and budgets when tackling a project of this potential magnitude. In fact, perform a search and you will see the better ones lined up in ads along the sides of your search results window because they knew how to use keywords effectively to promote their brand.

Why Do We Click On Ads?

If you are on of the thousands of companies or individuals about to embark into the world of Pay Per Click, be it Google, Yahoo, or Facebook then you are probably trying to figure out which of those pesky keywords you should use in creating your ad. You are not alone. There are people whose whole career involves finding just the right set of keywords to get their client a top rank in search engines. Those same principles of search engine optimization are the backbone of the pay per click advertising world.

Speaking Your Customer’s Language

Just because you call them tennis shoes doesn’t mean that everyone else does. You need to figure out what everyone else calls them and how do you do that? What are the ways of finding that out? Well, that takes the right tools. If you haven’t already, sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. The tool will provide you with a report that shows you the most searched terms and compare it against the most clicked terms for each and every page of your website. If you have it already then go up to the statistics menu and click on “top search queries” and you will get a wealth of data that can help you figure out the right words versus the wrong words.

If we go back to the tennis shoe analogy we can walk through a sample conundrum. You call them tennis shoes. Kids call them “sketchers”, “kicks”, “sneakers”, or “trainers”. What once was the common vernacular, “tennis shoes”, has changed, therefore your keywords should change. You need to reflect back the common vernacular in your keywords. Language is important and if you want someone to find you versus you finding them then you need to adopt their language to show them the way.

There are other tools out there that can give you the appropriate words for your ad or website, such as WordTracker. That particular tool will allow you to enter a general term and spit common key words back at you and rank them according to popularity.

STRINGS AND THINGS: Do Not Avoid Long-Tail Keywords Research

One of the more amazing thing about SEO is trying to under-stand the strings that people type into the search field. Sometimes it is not just a word but a phrase that you need to include. Many times people forget to create ommon phrases in their keywords search and this also can lose them some vital clicks along the way.

Remember to think about how people talk on the street and utilize that “language” when plotting your advert.

Defer To Experts For Pay Per Click Manage

Honestly this is an art form. If you have the money to defer to someone who focuses solely on SEO and ad keywords then do so. It will save you a lot of time and headaches trying to figure it out your-self. Put it this way, when you go to China do you want to carry around a dictionary and a Rick Steve’s or hire an interpreter?

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising Program

Google provides a fast, effective and hassle-free solution for merchants to advertise their products and services in the Internet through the program entitled Google AdSense

and Google Analytics. Google AdSense is a cost-per click and cost-per impression advertising service, where ads are displayed alongside a search and content sites in the Google network, While Google Analytics analyzes that information. It is cost effective because merchants will only be charged when online users click on the ads that are displayed to them. Google’s own electronic mail service, Gmail, also features the ads. Keywords are chosen in which the ads will appear, and the merchants will specify on how much they are willing to pay for each click by the end user.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Google Pay Per Click Advertising Services

To give the service more advantages for advertisers, AdWords has integrated with Google Analytics. Google Analytics informs advertisers’ information such as the channels or methods to which online visitors located or found their ads and the manner in which they react and interact with the site and its content. This unique service enables merchants to gain more visitors to their pages and also see the manner in which they access the links embedded in the page. Google Analytics also monitors the activities of merchants that are not affiliated with AdWords, with absolutely no charge at all. An individual or organization can create targeted marketing campaigns that are and ROI-driven with Google Analytics. This service gives maximum exposure for advertisers due to the sheer number of visitors acquired by the various sites included within the enormous Google network.

Google Translator And The Adwords PPC Advantage

Are you a foreign-based company, or company promoting language learning tools? You may want to consider utilizing Google’s Adsense program in such a manner as to

target your pay per click marketing campaign towards keyword search results involving Google Translator.

HERE’S why

Google has managed to take over the world in a quick way, and has changed the way in which search engines and we all view encyclopedias. Google offers us more than what other search engines offer us. They give us tools that can help us in our daily lives. In fact, anything you could possibly ever need from an online search tool, Google offers you, plus much more. One of the great benefits of Google is Google Translator, their online translator. Google translates web content in many different languages and is available for everyone to use. From French to Spanish, Google translate offers any one the chance to broaden their language horizons and to look up words in another language. Even if you’re at home, and just are curious about other languages, Google Translate can help!

The Flexibility Of Google Translator

Involved in a college language class and need help? Google Translate is here just for you to use. It offers so many languages for translation and can solve all your translating dilemmas for that college foreign language class. No need to be worried if you need help writing that paper, because Google Translate is available to help you with any words that you don’t understand or that you need help with. Or even if you’re reading a book in another language,

Google can help translate the information into English that you don’t under-stand. It can also help if you plan to travel to another country and you want to learn some key phrases. Simply type the phrase into the box, and pick which language you wish to see it in, and Google will supply the translate phrase in a matter of seconds. It’s like having a personal translator in your home, available for your personal use, at no cost. These Google services are to all.

Google Translate And Optimizing SEO For Other Countries

Google Translate can translate just about any other language that you need into English. This is even something to do just for fun if you want to experience other languages and see how much you can learn from translating it into English. Try taking a book in French, and typing in a few sentences, just to see what they mean in English. Sometimes, the Google Translator has a tough time with a direct meaning, but it can definitely give you a general idea of what the words mean! This happens to be just one of the many benefits offered when using Google.

Keywords that involve “Google” itself and “translator” will pull up the thousands upon thousands of hits involving translations or websites that use Google Translator as a backbone. When trying to corner this market using keywords such as: ectaco, translation soft-ware, speech, foreign language tool, translator, Google translator will help immensely in driving query results to your website. Many people search on “Google Translator” so take advantage of it.

How To Use YouYube To Get Your Target Audience’s Attention

Have you seen the Gangam Style dance? If not go to and search Gangam Style dance, and you will see a video that has over by over 4 billion views.  Youtube has given us endless possibilities. If a silly video like this has brought laughter to so many people imagine how you could use Youtube.

On a very basic level Youtube quite simply allows you to share videos with others, whether you are a business or an individual. If you have a family video you want to share with a relative on the other side of the country simply upload it onto Youtube and send them the link. Youtube makes it easy for personal use.

Let’s say you are more ambitious, and want to reach a larger audience to advertise or entertain. Unless you have a video of an adorable kitten falling asleep or something truly hysterical don’t expect your video to go viral or even get that many hits. So here are a few ways to get some attention for your video. One way to get attention to your video marketing strategy would be to use other social networking sites. If you have a Facebook account, Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest, a company website, or any of the other social networking sites post a link to your video on your social networking site. That way your friends will see it, and if you’re clever you can ask them to post it on their pages reaching their circle of friends.

Another way to get attention for your video is to have your friends rate it, or leave a comment after they see it. The more comments and the better rating a video has the more likely someone who has done a search and stumbled upon your video is likely to watch it. Google’s YouTube’s usefulness, however, goes far beyond showing everyone your grandchild’s birthday party or your cat’s crazy antics. It can be a powerful web marketing tool for your business.

YouTube Is A Revenue Generating Powerhouse For Small And Large Businesses Alike

You can increase visibility to potential customers to your website through a direct media such as videos, or through their Adwords PPC program. Pay per click advertising is probably the most effective method of advertisement today. PPC programs permits advertisers to generate and then market their customized ads through a keyword search format that allows them to pop up with each query against the YouTube search engine. Youtube’s ads section allows you to generate your own PPC by having you choose your videos, generate your own ad text, and then pick your own keywords that trigger your promotion. In other words, they put all the tools in your hands.

You make the decisions. Keyword selection gives you the tools to control what triggers your promotion. Your video promotion appears on the same pages with all relevant query results. Unlike commercial advertising you only ever pay for clicks—meaning the only time you pay for an ad is after it has been looked at, allowing you to also view your statistics accurately for future marketing campaigns. Couple your YouTube marketing with Google AdWords and you will have cornered the two largest search engines on the Internet.

Using YouTube Videos For Promoting Your Business

Having trouble getting yourself out there in the world? Trying to get a new business off the ground or spreading your music to world is a huge task for anyone. Using the power of the internet you can do just that with just a few clicks of your mouse. One of the more engaging methods of attracting customers is using YouTube.

Creating Promotional Youtube Videos For More Business

Youtube has been around for a while now and we all know that it is a huge video hosting site. Anyone can use the site and it is free. All you have to do is upload your video to the site and let people watch. The real trick is to get the right kind of video that people will want to watch. It can be difficult to get the right kind of video but with a little practice anyone can do it. A huge benefit to using Youtube is storage space. It may sound weird but think about it. All the videos you have on there are stored at there server. You don’t have to waste the space to keep your videos running. Also the bandwidth usage is on Youtube’s end and not bogging down your servers or computer.

Using Youtube is quite simple. All you need to do is create an account and start uploading videos. All you need is a webcam and some time. Take a look at what you want to promote or get accomplished. Try to keep the video more personal and not like a commercial. Most people do not want to sit down and watch a commercial. Taking time to make the video interesting is a must; you want to suck in the viewer. When making the video think about what you are trying to promote. If you’re a musician you might want to upload a video promoting your ebook or writers might read excerpts from there books. Once the viewer is drawn in you want to lead them back to your website. If you have a good video and people are generally inter-ested they will check out the website.

Using Google Pay Per Click Advertising Model With YouTube

Google’s Pay-Per-Click model has now been introduced in YouTube to a huge amount of excitement among marketing types as the reach of Google’s YouTube is enormous. YouTube has been around for a while now and has become one of the most visited websites the world, appearing on the top ten list behind Google and Facebook. By using it effectively you can increase both your website’s exposure and its ranking.

This means that not only can you use YouTube to upload videos, but you are also using the Google methodology to feature your website, web address, etc. Youtube has a PPC section that allows you to create your own PPC campaign. You choose your videos, write promotional text, and associate the various keywords that will trigger your promotion. Using the chosen keywords, your video promotion will appear beside all relevant search results. When a Youtube viewer clicks on your promotion (not just looks at it) and watches the video you pay a fee. No click, no fee.

Why Not Visitors Not Coming To My New Website?

You’ve built the website, you’ve metatagged, alt tagged all your images and shared it own social media. And you still aren’t getting the traffic you expected. Well that’s because people have paid for ads and rankings and you haven’t. Yes, that does stink. There is something you can do about it, though.

You can sign on to Google, Bing or Yahoo or any number of pay per click advertisers and set up your own online ad. Most of them allow you to decide a maximum of daily advertising dollars so you don’t have to worry about waking up to a ten million dollar bill one morning. The sites are easy to use and allow you to get started immediately. The ads are focused around keyword usage, so picking the correct words is key to a success. Pick the right words you will see customers pouring in, pick the wrong ones and you hear crickets chirping. There are many tools out there that can assist in keywords research like; Google Adsense Keyword Tool vs Ubersuggest vs SEMRush or half of dozen others all useful in their own respective way.

When building your ad you may want to keep the following in mind:

  • Think beyond your company or competitors name as the keywords
  • Listen to how people actually talk and use those words
  •Use the suggestion tools provided—Google, Bing and

Yahoo, Bing and Google all have keyword generators that will help you find the right words for your adverts.

What To Avoid When Planning Your Keyword Strategy

Be unique, don’t use all the same search terms as your competitors. Broad search terms aren’t always useful, if you can refine yours do it   Think of common misspellings—after all, not everyone’s perfect.  Don’t keep repeating terms over and over (keyword stuffing), you won’t fool the search engines   Don’t spam—you can actually get banned if you throw everything but the kitchen sink into the ad. Keywords are important to the ads success, but so is the engine of record. Google is the largest search engine on the Internet with Bing and Yahoo being the only real competitors.

If you can afford Google you may wish to go that route, but Bing and Yahoo are affordable alternatives. Don’t be fooled by Facebook’s ad program and sign on there just because it is a popular destination. You typically will get farther on Facebook by having a well-liked “page” than you will using their PPC ads, but that is changing.

If you want to try something different than make a video ad and put it on Youtube. In fact, Youtube is the becoming next pay per click marketing horizon. Its search engine is actually the number two engine for sheer quantity of searches and they allow the same PPC services as their parent company, Google in fact, the build-it-yourself tool is modeled from Google. The only difference is that instead of the same boring blue and white ad you see on Google your users get to watch a mini video, visit a profile or many other countless others. Much more fun and exciting.

Lastly, build all of these same keywords into your website. You want to reflect the same word choices in your content and meta tags. If the terms are truly relevant then you will absolutely be able to fit them neatly into the content of the webpages.  The synergy of search engine, social media and video all working together in unison is key to seeing next level growth in your business.

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